How to check whether is needed to replant the plant?

How to replant INDOOR PLANTS
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How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS How to replant INDOOR PLANTS

It may be, that the replantation for your houseplant is not needed yet, and but for safety you can verify. One of the signs of the need for repot is the lack of space of the plant roots. See, if the in bottom of the pot the roots do not pass out, if so, change to a larger pot for sure. 

Similarly, the need for a repot may be in the case, if mold has formed on the soil layer, unpleasant smell has appeared, it has begun to rot or grown weaker than usual. If the plant has not any of these signs, take partial change of the soil, leaving the current land to the roots, only replacing Plant Food VermiCompost and soil mixture on top and bottom of the pot.

How to repot?

First, check if there is not crawled out roots under the pot. If so, then the plant must be replanted to bigger pot, but first cut the stripping roots, because they had not recieved the nutrients.

Before trying to forcefully remove the content of the pot, knock on the edges of the pot to rebound the soil from the walls, and then it would be easier to remove. If necessary, move the plant itself with all the soil, and it can help to remove easier. However, if none of these methods do not help, and the plant continues to hold on in pot firmly, push the knife along the edge of the pot and move it along the edge ahead.

Depending on the type of indoor plants, it had formed longer or shorter roots, but during replantation part of them should be removed, for plant to grow with renewed vigor that could absorb nutrients. Typically, the root shall be reduced by one-third. Choosing a new pot, take into account that the old should fit into the new, and among those still should be about a centimeter wide space. It should not be too big pot, because then the plant will waste strength and energy of root formation. 

Before the replantation is desirable to prepare the appropriate soil mixture, but if you do not know what to buy, take a Plant Food VermiCompost and the universal soil, as they fit the majority of houseplants. If there is grown a plant who likes acidic soil, then buy a special, as well cactus and other succulents. 

Before you put a new soil mixture flower pot, pour the drainage in it, what you can buy in the store or take old flower pot smithereens as basis. Pour it in about 1-2 cm thick layer. Take Plant Food VermiCompost and mix with the soil in proportions of 1:3. Plant Food VermiCompost and the soil mixture pour onto the on top of the drainage layer. Then put the previously removed plat and carefully lift in the new or in the same old pot. Along the edges of pot pour the soil mixture and easily consolidate it, for plant to grow firmly and hold on stably. Finally, water the soil, it will help the soil to disperse evenly. If necessary, add more soil mixture. 

Take into account!

       If the plant is in flowering time, definitely do not replant, because it may disturb the flowering process.

       The day before replantation water the plant thoroughly. In this way it will be easier to remove the plant from the pot. 

       In replantation it is necessary to replace the soil, instead of using the same old, otherwise, the replantation does not make any sense.

       Do not use the force while replanting the flowers. 

       After the replantation, about two weeks observe moderation in watering, otherwise the roots can start to rot. Also, the plant shall not be positioned in direct sunlight. 

       Before the replantation, you can place the plant in the shower and thoroughly rinse off the dust from the leaves. In this case, the soil should covered with a bag or polythene, otherwise it will accumulate too much moisture.

       Use the special garden trowel for replantation.