How to check whether is needed to replant the plant?
Orchids are one of the most popular houseplants, but to also the plant are not cranky and the care about they are not large, cannot do without fertilizer.
If you are looking to start and maintain an organic garden, below are some simple guidelines to follow:
Knight star or Christmas flower - hippeastrum. How to grow and cultivate?
In the supermarket product stands are ranked among fresh, aromatic herbs and vitamins-rich plants, which are so often tempted to get home in the kitchen.
A lemon-tree is aromatic, bright, flowering and easy to maintain. That is precisely the lemon-tree, and there is no reason for concern about its cultivation, because this houseplant is one of the easiest maintainable citrus. In addition, the cold season is particularly suitable for an introduction of the lemon-tree in order to expect fleshy fruits, and aromatic flowers spring.
Tulips by far are the most popular of the spring flowering bulbs. Although in the autumn are planted at least a couple dozen bulbs, in the spring garden will delight with a rich, gorgeous blooms to dispel the memory of the long, monotonous and winter poor of colors. How to plant the tulip bulbs, and what should be observed.