It all started in 2006, the year in which we, the current manufacturers of organic fertilisers, began to take an interest in clean, green and healthy environment around us.

Our Story
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Our Story Our Story Our Story Our Story

An interest where plants and vegetables would be fertilised using an organic fertiliser, without disrupting the environment, and where people would be able to enjoy naturally grown vegetables.

We were mostly interested in the red Californian hybrid earthworms, which help to produce a bio-organic fertiliser called vermicompost or biohumus. What also seemed important was that vermicompost did not contain any pathogenic microflora, eggs of helminths, weed seeds or heavy metals.

We took several years to research information online, set up a worm house, provide the worms with food and warmth, and found a suitable supplier to buy 100 kg of worms from. It was the beginning of our journey, as we found out step by step what the requirements, desires and living conditions of our tiny workers were.

In 2010, Worm House Vermicompost Prime production gained momentum, as we introduced new innovations in line with the latest technologies. We built reactors, in which the process of worm breeding and the production of Vermicompost Prime were continuous. We began the production of a unique Vermiextract Prime obtained by using a proprietary method of cavitation, whereby vermicompost is converted into a liquid fertiliser with a higher humus content compared to dry granulated fertilisers.

Our products are distributed worldwide under proprietary brands “Oh Shit!”, “Oh, Mist!”, “O, Mēsli!”, "Oh Merde!", "O,Mėšlas!", “Worm House” or private brand, through gardening stores and several plant nurseries.

We should also mention that we feed our earthworms exclusively with cattle manure. We do not use any urban waste to feed our worms! More and more people are buying biohumus each year, as they become interested in consuming healthy food. We offer educational seminars for residents and farmers. We are happy about the response we get from people and that they are interested in our organic fertiliser.