It is important for us to understand that our children can live healthy lives in a friendly environment with the least possible amounts of chemical fertilisers, which kill the soil and infuse vegetables with chemical substances.

Our Mission
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Our Mission Our Mission Our Mission Our Mission

That is why we will not give up and will continue to produce bio-organic fertiliser – vermicompost!

We know and believe that our fertiliser brings joy and productivity to the world, and contributes to a continuous development of the world of fertilisers!

We should also mention that we feed our earthworms exclusively with cattle manure. We do not use any urban waste to feed our worms! More and more people are buying vermicompost each year, as they become interested in consuming healthy food. We offer educational seminars for residents and farmers. We are happy about the response we get from people and that they are interested in our organic fertiliser.

At Worm House, we are dedicated to our customers. It is our heartfelt mission to provide each customer with the highest quality products available, delivered at a fair price, and backed by dependable ongoing support and individual attention. Our company was founded on this principal and it is the cornerstone of our growth.