Citrus Plant Food - Oh Shit!™ for all organic gardening lovers. High quality organic liquid fertiliser. Plants love it !

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The processed organic fertiliser Citrus Plant Food - Oh Shit!™ is made of high-quality BIO-vermicompost, which is the product of composting dung from biological farms by California Red Worms.

  • 100ml makes up to 143l BIOfertilizer
  • NPK 0.04-0.03-0.49
  • Humic Acids - 8.5 g/l



  • yield capacity is increased by 15−25%
  • intense plant colour is stimulated
  • yellowing of plants is prevented 


  • March−September fertilise every 14 days
  • October−February fertilise once a month
  • mix 15 drops Vermiextract / Plant Food with 1l Water*
  • simple and easy to use
  • use in a watering can
  • use in a sprayer

This type of fertilizer is best absorbed by the plant through its leaves or the root system.


available in 

  • 100 ml dropper bottle (HDPE)


CERES CERTIFIED - Approved to be used as organic fertilizer by CERES according to EU Council Reg. (EC) 889/2008


* Use only diluted in dosages as directed in USAGE