GOLF COURSE LAWN FOOD PRO is helps create healthy lawns, greens & soils. It is 100% organic. Used and recommended by professionals. High quality organic liquid lawn fertiliser. Grass love it !

Golf Course Lawn Food PRO
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Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO Golf Course Lawn Food PRO

How do you define an organic course? We need to get a set of guidelines and criteria for what organic golf really means, and we’re working on it, but basically it means no pesticides or fertilizers or other products can be used whose active ingredient was synthetically produced.

The Vermiextract GCLF supplies a good alternative to chemicals that are undergoing rising costs and environmental regulations.

It can be added to irrigation systems and you no longer need chemical fertilizer.

The processed organic fertilizer GOLF COURSE LAWN FOOD is made of high-quality BIO-vermicompost, which is the product of composting dung from biological farms by California Red Worms.

  • 0,3L of the GCLF will cover 1 ha *
  • 0,3l makes up to 300l BIOfertilizer
  • safe for golfers, kids & greenskeeper ***
  • NPK 0.49-0.1-0.49
  • Organic matter  - 1%
  • Humic Acids - 10 g/l


  • not formed dark green spots on the lawn because fertilizer is evenly sprayed
  • faster fills with grass empty Divot Tee places
  • increase grass root system, forms a fuller and deeper grass
  • helps easier to hibernate northern climate
  • faster restores greenness after the winter and the drought period
  • reduces the spread of moss
  • pet, child and golfer friendly
  • dont damage the golf equipment and does not remain traces of fertilizer on stuff
  • BIOfertilizer has no odor
  • chelates nutrients tied up in soils, such as phosphates and iron
  • increases microbial activity
  • promotes healthy growth without extra mowing
  • a strong root system is formed
  • optimal uptake of nutrients is stimulated
  • grass immunity is improved
  • greens quickly
  • improves rooting mass with top growth
  • supplies essential nutrients with trace elements
  • intense growing is stimulated
  • resistance to grass diseases is developed
  • positively impacts the soil microflora
  • increases plant vigor and chlorophyll production
  • improves heat and cold tolerance
  • releases tied up soil nutrients, allowing them to be plant available 
  • increase in green mass and intense grass colour is stimulated
  • reduce working hours and workload for staff and equipment
  • reduce the golf course equipment fuel costs and consumption
  • there is not needed special equipment, fertilization can be combined with irrigation



  • can be used on all lawn varieties, particularly Buffalo, Couch, Bermuda and Kikuyu
  • fertilize everyday; once a week; every 14 days or once in month **
  • mix 0,3l GCLF with 300l Water *
  • simple and easy to use
  • use in a sprinkler
  • use in automated irrigation/ fertilization system
  • use in a sprayer
  • use in a watering can

This type of fertilizer is best absorbed by the grass through its leaves or the root system.


available in 

  • 25 litre container (HM-HDPE)
  • 1000 litre Carton IBC tank
  • 1000 litre IBC tank


CERES CERTIFIED - Approved to be used as organic fertilizer by CERES according to EU Council Reg. (EC) 889/2008


* Everyday use

** Use only diluted in dosages as directed in USAGE