Vermicompost PRO for PRO users. High-quality organic fertiliser for all types of cultivated plants. BIO fertilizer. CERES CERTIFIED - Approved to be used as organic fertilizer by CERES according to EU Council Reg. (EC) 889/2008

Vermicompost PRO
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Vermicompost PRO Vermicompost PRO Vermicompost PRO Vermicompost PRO Vermicompost PRO Vermicompost PRO Vermicompost PRO Vermicompost PRO

Vermicompost PRO

  • NPK 0.8–0.5–1.4
  • Humic Acids - 152.2 g/kg
  • about 50% moisture;
  • sifted in 4 mm fractions;
  • declared parameters of Vermicompost PRO - download bellow "Declared Parameters";
  • dose of Vermicompost PRO - download bellow "Instructions for Use".

available in 

  • 50 l bags;
  • Bulk Bags (1 m3);
  • Packages can be produced in other volumes according to customer requirements.

Vermicompost PRO is derived from organic waste through organic processing by red Californian earthworms.

The essence of this organic technology is the ability of earthworms to process different organic waste such as:

  • stable manure;
  • treatment plant sludge;
  • agricultural and processing industry waste.

Vermicompost PRO contains a balanced complex of nutrients and microelements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins and plant growth and development hormones that enhance the resistance of plants to disease. It contains a large amount of humic substances (humic substances are rich in organic substances and minerals that are essential for plant development). Microorganisms of Biohumus ensure soil fertility.

Earthworm Vermicompost PRO does not contain any pathogenic microflora, eggs of helminths, weed seeds, or heavy metals.

Benefits of Vermicompost PRO:

  • The quality of humus content surpasses that of stable manure or compost 4−8 times;
  • Reduces soil density;
  • Enriches the soil with organic matter;
  • Positively affects the soil microflora;
  • Great ability to contain water and good resistance;
  • Composed of durable pellets;
  • Increases seed germinating power by 11−24%;
  • Increases productivity by 15−25%;
  • Yields can be obtained 2 weeks earlier.

Vermicompost PRO contains humic substances with a high content of humic acids. Humic substances possess the ability to improve the plant root system growth. Humic substances are a source of energy to soil organisms performing essential functions to improve the soil fertility and structure. Humic substances promote plant growth and protection against various diseases. Soils containing humic substances are more resistant to soil acidification. Humic substances stimulate the absorption of macronutrients N, P, K, Ca and Mg by plants.

The use of this fertiliser improves the agrochemical characteristics of the soil, increases the quality of agricultural products and improves yields.